Together We Can and Will!

You may be wondering, what can I do to fight the MVP pipeline in my community? There are several actions you can take right now.

Donate NowMake a Donation to Preserve Montgomery County VA

To mount a legal challenge, before FERC and possibly in court, we raise $150,000 to hire credentialed experts who can counter the lies that MVP is telling our community about the devastating environmental and cultural impacts the pipeline will have on our land and the real health safety concerns due to the structures they will build, including a compressor station which MVP is hiding from public scrutiny but may be constructed in the Elliston area.

Your tax-deductible donation will help pay for these experts, as well as attorneys with specialized experience who will manage this challenge. These experts can cost several hundred dollars per hour.

We expect these activities of resistance, which are already underway with impressive citizen input, to ramp up immediately, before FERC has a chance to accept at face value the incomplete and erroneous claims MVP is making.

For your gift, we will send you regular updates on our fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Contact us for more information: