About Montgomery Country

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Montgomery County has an Environmental Resources Plan through 2025? 

Read the full report: MontCo Env Resources 072025

There was coal mining in Montgomery County?

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The proposed Alternate Route 87 runs parallel to Coal Bank Hollow Rd. for some distance.  This location crosses over the old Slusser Coal Bank Hollow Coal Mine.  The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy reclaimed the mine openings, but the shafts are still there.  Chances are extremely high that MVP will encounter old mining shafts if they keep this route.

Native American Indians called this area Home?

The original proposed MVP route is still being considered.  It will cross the North Fork Valley Rural Historic District.  This District, as mentioned in FERC comments, is 102,000 acres of prehistorically and historically significant land.  The Shannon Site, located at the west end of the District, just outside its boundaries, is the major archaeological site in Montgomery County.  It contains about 100 Native American graves.  Residents along Catawba Road have noted in both their FERC comment and in the original filing with the National Historical Register that they have found Native American projectile points and other artifacts on their properties.

Outside the District, in Roanoke County just over the Montgomery County line close to Alt. 110, is the Anderson-Doosing Farm, which is also listed on the National Historic Register.  It is listed as containing a prehistoric archaeological site as well.  It is extremely likely that MVP will encounter major archaeological artifacts, if not graves, in crossing Catawba Road at any point.  Compliance with HP Section 106 is therefore extremely important. 

In addition, these sites are within the purview of the Monacan Tribe, one of the seven state recognized tribes in Virginia. Shannon Site remains and other archaeological evidence indicates Siouan presence in this area; the Monacan are of Siouan affinity and artifacts are considered to be in their ancestral lands.