Eminent Domain – Citizens Rights

Handy phone number to put into your cell phone:

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:  540-382-2951

If YOU have asked people to leave your property and those individuals have refused, the Sheriff’s office has advised that they will come if called. You may want to photograph all illegal activity so that this can be documented and reported.

There is a 20′ easement along side of the road and that is granted to county/town for utility work. If surveyors are there, the sheriff might not remove them.

The AEP easement is an open question.  If you have an AEP easement on your property contact AEP and find out they have granted permission to others to access the easement, without your knowledge.  We are not lawyers but our understanding of the definition is that easements are granted to a specific party and cannot be transferred to someone else without the landowners permission and authorization. For legal advice please contact your attorney.

Knowing and Protecting YOUR Rights When An Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes To Your Community

A Legal and Practical Guide for States, Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations and Landowners On How the FERC Pipeline Certification Process Works and How You Can Participate

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Federal Eminent Domain Procedures

Review of Federal Eminent Domain From Ackerman-Ackerman


Frequently Asked Question: Eminent Domain in the State of Virginia

A well written paper from the Friends of Nelson County, Virginia:


What is Eminent Domain and What is Wrong With It?

Any honest negotiations have to be based on a spirit of compromise and mutual respect, not on the threat of force. But since the definition of what is acceptable is broading our American Citizen rights are being diluted and stripped away.

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