Landowners Committee

Updated January 19, 2015

We are starting to organize meetings of landowners on the Mountain Valley pipeline path with attorneys from Appalachian Mountain Advocates, who will explain our rights under the state and federal laws of eminent domain. Those laws give a great deal of clout to public utilities and energy companies, but we as citizens are not powerless.
Because we are meeting in private homes and want to keep the groups small enough for real discussion, and so everyone’s questions can be answered by the attorneys, Joe Lovett and Isak Howell, we are sending invitations to landowners right in the proposed pipeline path (for now) and organized by neighborhood clusters.  Joe and Isak have offered to meet with us multiple times, so those not yet invited to a meeting will be hearing from us soon.  And so we can provide more information to concerned citizens who aren’t in the pipeline company’s cross-hairs now, we will be having larger community meetings to talk about the issues of eminent domain.
Appalachian Mountain Advocates ( is a firm based in Lewisburg, WV, with an impressive track record of legal work for landowners and citizens harmed by the extractive industries in our region, and they have offered to represent us (some work is pro bono, some will require payment by clients). For now, they are offering a lot of good advice for free.
All landowners are of course free to choose their own legal counsel and representation if they need it.
Anyone with questions should call P. Tracy at 230-1355, or email