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Appalachian Voices

Protecting the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountain Region.

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Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition

Visit the Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition website to learn more about the broken Regulatory System and the every day reality of fracked gas pipelines.

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Frack Free NC.org

Comment on the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”

The EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plancreates emission guidelines for states that address greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The goal is to lower emissions of carbon dioxide, and thus reduce the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, the proposed Clean Power Plan has some serious flaws that may make it do more harm than good when it comes to the climate, and actually serve to incentivize fracking.

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Friends of Nelson County Virginia


No Fracked Gas In Mass

Article From the Berkshire Edge 03.01.2015

Protestors in opposition to the Proposed Kinder Morgen Pipeline in Massachusetts.

Kinder Morgen Corridor – Berkshire Edge 03.01.15a_Part1

Kinder Morgen Corridor – Berkshire Edge 03.01.15a_Part2

Kinder Morgen Corridor – Berkshire Edge 03.01.15a_Part3

Kinder Morgen Corridor – Berkshire Edge 03.01.15a_Part4

Kinder Morgen Corridor – Berkshire Edge 03.01.15a_Part5

Spectra Busters  fighting against the Sabal Trail Pipeline.


WV Host Farms Program 


A program linking WV landowners with environmental researchers who desire to study Marcellus gas drilling & fracking at ground zero. We provide the access !
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Gas pipeline propaganda: Lies, damn lies and more

The $3 billion venture originally planned to carve through Floyd County but ran into massive citizen resistance and environmental realities that even the rubber-stamping folks at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) couldn’t ignore.

If the often-vague and always sidestepping executives of EQT Corp. and NextEra Energy thought Franklin County would be a cakewalk for their natural pipeline express running from West Virginia to Chatham, they got a hardcore lesson of what country folks think of fast-buck corporate types in Rocky Mount.

A large crowd of angry residents of Franklin descended on a meeting between the County Board of Supervisors and a briefing by EQT and NextEra — the partners for Mountain Valley Pipeline — with pointed questions and skepticism that were not answered and left most with more questions and few answers.