Pipeline fighters at the Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg February 16, 2017

In Oct. 2014 filmmaker Marino Colmano began recording local citizens efforts to fight against the environmentally destructive MVP. He created a series of short episodes and eventually produced a full length documentary. Pipeline Fighters has earned entry into several film festivals and won Semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest.

When: February 16 – 7:00 PM

Where: Lyric Theatre – Blacksburg

Cost: $5 donation requested*

Pat Tracy described Marino’s work on Pipeline Fighters in the Roanoke Times:

“He has captured, in the powerful medium of film, the whole range of issues that are touched by this movement: from the global impact of fossil fuel extraction and use, the appalling collusion of government and corporations to devastate the natural environment for the sake of private profit, the severe danger to nationally protected forests and wide-spreading water source systems, to the anguish and economic ruin of so many property owners along the pipeline path.”

Learn more about the movie and the filmmaker in the Roanoke Times article:

‘Pipeline Fighters’ documentary a show of protest

Watch the movie trailer and some of the original episodes at:


Please come out to watch the film and support the fight to stop this unnecessary and harmful project!

*Admission free; $5 donation requested. Donations will go to Lucid Media for movie expenses and to the Giles and Montgomery county affiliates of Protect Our Water Heritage Rights  (POWHR) to raise awareness of the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

For more information on how you can help stop the pipeline visit: https://powhr.org


  1. michael williams

    will be there.
    would like to set up table to recruit members for next master naturalist class

    1. Keith Gilbertson

      Michael – I’ve heard some discussion that the only tables permitted at the event will be those of Lucid Media (the filmmaker), Preserve Giles County, and Preserve Montgomery County. I’m not positive, though.


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