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Released by MVP December 2014

A New Study Projects Major Economic Benefits from MVP for SW and Southside VA

What the MVP people didn’t have their information correct when they decided to start this project?  YOU DO THE MATH – The information in this press release is based on false assumptions and if you carry those assumptions out, they end up being false claims.  This press release feed is on many of financial websites out there right now!

How does anyone believe that having a pipeline run through pristine area will create a benefit that will increase property values and theoretically increase annual taxes?  HOW? For those property’s that will lose value, the rest of the citizens in those counties will have to make up the short fall.  Any potential tax revenues claimed will just be used to pay for damages left behind to the infrastructure.  Is that really a benefit? Besides EQT is suing Wise and Dickerson Counties here in Virginia to get their tax money back from past years.

Do the math on the overall tax benefits claimed that will come to the state of Virginia — 35 million over 3 years spread out over the population of Virginia (8,300,000) is really how much?  $1.40 per citizen!  Their stockholders get better dividends than that!

How can the citizens of Virginia or more importantly, how can the Elected Official both local and FEDERAL believe one word they say?

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